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Welcome to Xentric Entertainment®, the creators of the most immersive high energy band, hybrid bands, and exquisite music ensembles. We create unforgettable moments for weddings, corporate gatherings, and social soirées. Our high-energy performances transcend the ordinary, immersing guests in a world of dynamic sound and captivating visuals, we set the stage for enchantment, turning every occasion into an extraordinary celebration.

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    Local pricing starts at $7k

    Outside Florida pricing starts at $18k

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Questions & Answers
    • Do you carry liability insurance?
      Absolutely! We carry a standard two-million-dollar policy as required by most venues. We can also have your venue listed as additionally insured at no additional cost!
    • Do you charge tax or service charge?
      We do not charge tax. If choosing to pay with credit card, there is a 3% processing charge. Other methods of payments (Check & Zelle) are free.
    • What type of events are you available for?
      We specialize in weddings, corporate events, galas, fundraisers, country club events, festivals, parties, and private events! We also provide the following services for no additional charge:
      - Custom show design & production
      - Entertainment consultation
      - Operations management
      - Entertainment management
    • Are tips required?
      We would greatly appreciate it, but we don’t require tips.
    • Do you travel outside of South Florida?
      Yes! We love to travel! Depending on your venue's location, we may require transportation and hotel accommodations.
    • What style of music do you play?
      All styles! If it makes people dance, we will play it! We’re best known for keeping guests dancing all night long by mixing in all sorts of different genres.
    • Can I choose the music?
      Absolutely! In our online planner, we ask you for genres, artists, and songs that you like. We will carefully look over the list and play your songs along with similar songs and genres throughout the night. We are experts in creating the perfect blend in playing the music you like and having everyone dance!
    • Can you MC my event?
      Yes! A band member or DJ will also serve as your MC for any special announcements and introductions at no additional cost!
    • Do you play continuous music?
      Yes! The music never stops! All songs are seamlessly mixed to keep the party going!
    • How long do you play?
      All of our options include up to 4 hours of performance. We also offer overtime options for the party animals!
    • Does your band play during dinner?
      We like to perform with as much energy as possible! To accomplish this, all performers require a dinner break to eat. During this period, we will play a nice and elegant dinner mix at low volume so all your guests can mingle.
    • Do the musicians go out to the dance floor and interact with the crowd periodically?
      Absolutely! Periodically our musicians go out on the dance floor and interact with the crowd.
    • Do you offer overtime?
      Of course! You can either reserve your event date with more performance time or simply let us know on the night of your event. Overtime costs are calculated based on your package and will be in your contract. If you definitely need more than 4 hours of performance time, please let us know!
    • What kind of attire will the performers wear for my event?
      Our performers wear high fashion formal attire including gowns, tuxedos, and suits.
    • Do you provide a sound system?
      Yes! All of our options include a sound system. For events larger than 250 guests, sound upgrades are available.
    • Can we use your sound equipment for speeches?
      Yes, all options include a wireless microphone for speeches and toasts.
    • What do you recommend for instrumentation?
      All of the instruments for each configuration were carefully integrated and put together to provide the best sound for each band we offer.
    • Do you provide stage lights?
      Yes! We provide Stage Lights to illuminate and highlight the performers.
    • When do you arrive on location for set up?
      Our production crew will arrive 4 hours before performance time. This gives our team enough time to set up and make sure every detail has been executed. The performers (Vocalists, DJ, Saxophonist, etc.) arrive 2 hours before performance time.
    • What do you require the night-of?

      - Parking & Vendor Meals
      - Power (Specific requirements included in contract)
      - Stage (Size included in contract)
      - Proper covering if outdoors
    • Can you play outside?
      Yes, if performing outside, the performance area must be properly covered.
    • How far ahead of my event will you be in contact to go over the day-of details?
      After reserving your date, we will send you access to our online planner and everything we need to make your event perfect! Along the way, we will remind you of things that are still missing and chat about your timeline. 3 weeks before your event, we start to finalize the timeline, song-list, and many other important details that are specific to your package. At any time, we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions!
    • Who will be my contact on the day of?
      Typically, your DJ will be the contact on the day-of. For events that demand more production, we will provide a band manager at no additional cost! In this case, your band manager will be your point of contact.
    • How much do I pay and when?
      A 50% deposit and signed contract is required to reserve your date. The remaining balance will be due 2 weeks before your event.
    • What forms of payment do you accept?
      We accept Zelle, checks, wire transfers (+$15), & credit cards (+3%).
    • Can we book the band first and add more services later?
      Absolutely! We have limited availability per date, so we highly recommend reserving the band first, and you can always add more services later.
    • Can you play music during the ceremony?
      Yes, for the ceremony we offer a sound system and wireless microphone to amplify the voice of the officiant so that all of your guests can hear every part of the ceremony as it commences. You can choose to have a live musician or DJ play the guest arrival music, ceremony entrance, newly-wed exit, and background music during your ceremony.
    • Will you learn a new song for us?
      Yes! If you plan on having any band with vocalists, our musicians and vocalists can learn up to (3) new songs of your choice. Typically, these songs are performed live for special dances such as the first dance and/or parent dances.
    • What services do you offer for cocktail hour?
      We offer a variety of live ensembles, or you can choose our pre-recorded cocktail music option, with many playlist vibes you can choose from in our online planner (sound system included in every package). We recommend choosing a live musician that will be playing during your reception as this will create synergy between your cocktail and reception.

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